New lease agreement in Juarez

Fibra Nova executed a new five-year lease agreement starting on March 1, 2020 for a building of 165,000 sf in Juarez city. The Lessee is a US publicly traded in the NYSE with annual sales of US$8.7 billion. Fibra Nova during the past twelve months achieved annualized 12% revenue growth. US dollars revenue climbed from […]


Fibra Nova expands its portfolio in the Northeast [...]

Fibra Nova announced a seven years lease agreement under triple net basis for a new 127,000 sf manufacturing building in Reynosa, Tamaulipas. Total investment of US$7.5 million, the Lessee is an US private company of the electronic industry with presence in all of the Americas. With this new lease agreement Fibra Nova hits 10.5% year […]


New 131,000 sft Building in Juarez city

Fibra Nova signed a five years lease agreement for a manufacturing build to suit in Juarez city with an initial annual rental revenue of $786,000 and triple net basis. The Lessee is a US public company listed in NASDAQ index with presence all around the world. Fibra Nova continue expanding its industrial portfolio in dynamic […]


Visteon celebrates the opening ceremony of a new t [...]

Matthew Cole, Visteon Senior Vice President Product Development; Liseth Reyes, Visteon Site Leader; Marco Antonio del Prete, Queretaro State Development Secretary, Francisco Domínguez Servin, Queretaro State Governor; Francisco Vazquez, Visteon Project Leader, among other dignitaries celebrated the opening ceremony of Visteon´s new 22,770 sqm facility that includes  6,000 sqm of office surface in two stories […]


Fibra Nova new office space in Queretaro

Fibra Nova signed a ten years lease agreement for a new office building of 58,526 sqft in Queretaro, Mexico, this facility includes 150 parking spaces. The lessee is a public corporation with headquarters in United States listed in the NYSE with presence all around the world. It´s a leading automotive technology company. Fibra Nova will […]



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