Fibra Nova Announces New Investments

January 2018.- Fibra NOVA announced the acquisition of an industrial building located in Chihuahua Industrial Complex with a 10,692 square meters construction area. This building is currently leased to International Paper Mexico through a triple net contract in US dollars.   The property was acquired for a $2.5 million dollars value.
In addition, Fibra NOVA will invest 660 million pesos in extensions to leased buildings in La Piedad, Michoacán and the energy cogeneration plant located in the City of Chihuahua, both leased to Grupo Bafar subsidiaries.
With the addition of these properties to Fibra NOVA´s portfolio the goal established in the Initial Public Offering will be achieved earlier than expected, reaching an annual NOI of $432 million pesos and a proportion of rents in dollars of 27%.


Guillermo Medrano
Phone: +52 (614) 511.5093
Email: gmedrano@fibra-nova.com

Laura Garza
Northeast area
Phone: +52 (81) 8600.9567
Email: lgarza@fibra-nova.com